Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My Creative Space - The Letter D

When my dad passed away several months ago, I was overwhelmed by the love and support I received from everyone.  Many of you sent me cards and sweet gifts, and the artwork pictured above is just one of them.  It came as a black and white print from Mel of wiccked, who is our hardworking admin guru for the DUST team on Etsy.  Mel sells the most amazing artwork, including PDFs of her illuminated letters which you can purchase and colour in yourself.  I haven't finished working on mine (it is amazing how hard it is to find the exact shade of colour I want in a house full of texta and marker pens!) and it certainly doesn't do Mel's artwork justice, but head over to her store to see her beautiful versions of the alphabet.  What's in your creative space this week?


  1. Gorgeous Deb! Are you on Flickr? I have a group for people coloured in versions of my art :)

  2. What a beautiful D - a lovely way to remember you Dad by. My own father passed away when I was 16 - so over 20years ago now and yesterday was his birthday. ...I still wished him a Happy Birthday!


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