Monday, 10 January 2011

Sewing Projects Continued

You may have noticed that I have been a little quiet in blogland since my last post and that is because I have been madly sewing away at my various projects!  I have managed to finish three projects (including one I didn't mention because it had not originally been on my list of things I was planning to make, LOL) and will soon start thinking about starting another one.

library bag school

The first project to be completed was Miss 5's library bag for school.  This was a relatively straightforward project until I realised, too late, that the sturdy upholstery fabric I had let Miss 5 choose (I think it is cotton duck) was a bit thick for a library bag.  This has resulted in a drawstring bag that doesn't pull fully closed due to the thick-ish fabric refusing to bunch up any closer - oops.  I did manage to line the bag with a cute mauve spotty fabric, so at least the inside of the bag looks good too!  My "simple" project also hit a snag when I went to put in the drawstring cord.  Miss 5 had requested that her library bag have a double cord, but with the thickness of the fabric and the size of the bag I had made, a double drawstring ended up being too short.  This meant another trip to the fabric store for more cord, though this time Miss 5 agreed to choose a cord which better matched her fabric.  She ended up choosing a sparkly silver cord, which looks great but was a pain to work with since it was essentially a plain white cord with metallic silver strands wrapped around it which kept unravelling as I was working with it...groan.

fabric bunting pink green vintage lace bias binding flower

My second sewing project for the summer was a cute pink and green bunting made for my friends' daughter, whose third birthday we will be celebrating this weekend.  This is the first time I have ever sewn bunting, so I was pleasantly surprised at how quick it was to put together.  The only real issues I had with this project were the inordinate number of pins I seemed to use to keep everything together and all the ironing required to give my bunting a crisp, neat look, he he!  I used bias binding for the top of the bunting, which probably added to my ironing, so maybe next time I will use a wide grosgrain ribbon or something similar.  I think next time I will also make the triangle flags a little larger.  These ones were 13cm wide by 15cm high and although cute, I think they are a little on the small side for my liking.  The best part about this project was finding fabrics which would work well together.  I am not very skilled at matching fabrics, but I had fun and I think the mix of new fabric, lace and fabric from vintage pillowcases works well.

fabric cuff lace calico vintage crochet cabochon sakura flower cherry blossom pink brass filigree
fabric cuff sewn sewing hemtape lace vintage cabochon glass rhinestone blue aqua brass filigree
fabric cuff calico vintage cameo brass setting pink organza lace acrylic

Finally, I have been feverishly working on my new range of fabric cuffs for my Etsy and Madeit stores!  Allow me to introduce you to the Fiore, Amphitrite and Sweet Innocence cuffs (top to bottom) - all made using calico, lace,  vintage buttons, cabochons and brass findings.  Each cuff has been backed with a plain cotton fabric re-purposed from an old pillowcase.  I had A LOT of fun designing these three pretties and can't wait to work on some more designs!  The Fiore cuff has the most gorgeous vintage crocheted lace adorned with a brass filigree, tiny bee charm and a vintage-style sakura cabochon.  The Amphitrite cuff combines vintage lace, hem tape, a floral filigree and a gorgeous vintage glass cabochon and rhinestones.  Lastly, the Sweet Innocence cuff combines organza-style ribbon, vintage lace and a vintage cabochon set into a cameo setting.  Each of these cuffs will be available in my stores once I decide on how I'll label them with my store name.
So that is three sewing projects done and dusted!  I am still planning on making a kisslock frame purse, but I think I need a little rest from all the sewing, ha ha.

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  1. gorgeous work! I love your new cuffs, and look forward to seeing them in the store.


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