Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Queensland Flood - Help Amidst the Sorrow

Most, if not all, of you will have heard by now about the devastating floods which have hit a large part of Queensland.  Many have lost homes and belongings as hundreds of people evacuate to higher ground, even those living in the heart of the state's capital.  Some have lost their lives while others are still missing.  Flood levels have reached proportions many have not seen in their lifetime and reports say that there is worse to come over the next day or so.

I am sure that the people of Queensland would appreciate your prayers for them during this disastrous time.  And there are also many other ways in which groups and individuals can help those who have lost so much during this time.  One way to help is by donating to the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal.  The Queensland government will use funds from the appeal to help those who have been affected by the floods.  Donations are tax deductible for Australian residents.

Those living overseas who want to help but feel uncertain of making donations in a foreign currency can help by making purchases from fundraising auctions or sales.  Many artists and creative types have started up fundraising auctions of handmade goods to raise money for the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal and other charity organisations.  One such group is the Etsian Australian Flood Appeal, which is selling handmade items on Etsy.  Shipping is free worldwide and all proceeds (minus Etsy and Paypal fees) will go to the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal.  There are lots of other groups running fundraising auctions and sales too, so there is sure to be a way for many people to help out.  Please note, though, that the government is warning people to be sure to check the legitimacy of organisations if you do decide to donate financially or through offering an item for an auction/sale.

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