Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Wonderful Wednesday Win!

I just couldn't resist the alliteration in today's title, although the win in question actually occurred last Wednesday.  Each Wednesday, Christie of Christie Cottage hosts a fun giveaway on her blog.  And, as the title suggests, I was the excited winner of the giveaway last week!

So what did I win?  The AMAZING Rose Pink n Blue Classic Loli Innocent Collage Necklace from Kippys So Mature. This beautiful Etsy store is run by the very lovely Jennifer (or Kippy as she is sometimes called) who is a fellow team member of CAST.  Her work is so pretty and so detailed, check out her store some time!


  1. O Deb! Thank you so very much! I am so touched that you have written up my shop and the gift!
    I share your joy and excitement!! Thank you, Deb, for your kindness ((((hugs)))

  2. You are so blessed for having won that necklace - I love her jewelry - her pieces are beautiful and creative.

  3. What a lucky girl you are to win such a lovely prize.

  4. Very pretty! What fun to be the winner!

  5. Lucky you Deb. The necklace is beautiful. Love the combinations.


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