Thursday, 27 May 2010

Swarovski Sneak Peek

As many of you will know, I have a mild obsession with Swarovski crystals and with filigree stampings and connectors.  So, I thought that it was about time I combine these two obsessions to create a new range of jewellery and accessories for my store.

Swarovski and filigree rings at Two Cheeky Monkeys on Etsy

I have already listed the Nikita (purple), Giordana (blue) and Athena (pink) rings in my Etsy store, but I am hoping to create more of these sparkly rings in a range of colours once I source some more Swarovski flowers in new colours.  In the mean time, I have had fun creating a new range of hair accessories using these gorgeous Swarovksi elements.

Swarovski and filigree hair forks for bridal

Allow me to unveil the Nikita, Athena and Giordana hair forks!  While the filigrees I have used for the hair forks are different from those used in the rings, I have decided to keep the same name for the corresponding Swarovski element colour.  To be honest, I am fairly sure that I could not create a beautiful hairdo using these hair forks, but I am sure that there are many women out there who are not as stylistically-challenged (if that's a term) as me!

Swarovski and filigree hair forks for weddings

So what do you think?  Would you, or someone you know, be able to use these sparkly hair forks to decorate your hair?  I think they would be great accessories for brides or bridesmaids, but I am undecided about whether I should sell these hair forks as singles or as pairs.  I would love to hear your feedback and comments!


  1. Hi! Really pretty! I would say pairs on the hair forks. Good Job!

    Joy from

  2. They're beautiful! I'm not sure how you keep those in - do you poke them into a bun? I can imagine brides and bridesmaids wearing them!

  3. They are gorgeous Deb. Wonderful bridal accessories.

    Maybe offer as pairs as Joy said.

  4. They're gorgeous! :D I'm going to look at them in your shop right now. :)

  5. these are so glamorous. sorry i can't be of help re hair pins, i'm the worst with hair stuff!


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