Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Elegant drop earrings


Since at least the 1960s, women have been hunting for the perfect little black dress to wear to any occasion. So today I am sharing a quick and easy DIY for an elegant pair of earrings to match whichever LBD you choose for yourself!


 - 2 x 10mm black glass beads

- 40mm of thin (1.5-2mm wide) silver-plated chain

- 2 x silver-plated earring hooks (or sterling silver if you have sensitive ears)

- 2 x 30mm silver-plated headpins

- 4 x 6mm silver-plated filigree bead caps


1. Place one bead cap, one bead, followed by another bead cap onto a headpin. Cut off excess headpin, leaving 8-10mm above the bead. Make a loop in the headpin; repeat with the remaining bead caps, bead and headpin.

2. Divide the chain into two 20mm lengths. Open the end link of one chain and attach the chain to a loop made in step 1. Repeat with the remaining chain and bead loop.

3. Open the hanging loop on one earring hook and attach to the free end of one of your chain and bead drops. Repeat with the remaining earring supplies, and there you have it, one pair of elegant earrings that will do your LBD proud!

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