Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Fun Facts

I've been doing a lot of number crunching lately care of the end of the financial year as well as an attempt to better understand sales in my stores and how to grow my business.  So today I thought I'd share a few fun facts about my lovely, lovely fellow Aussie customers.

map of australia sales for two cheeky monkeys and domum vindemia

Not surprisingly, the majority of my customers (80%) were located in the the three most populous states of Australia.  Rather surprisingly, each state's preference for creations between Two Cheeky Monkeys and Domum Vindemia differed, with Victorians loving the literature-themed and shabby chic homewares and accessories of Domum Vindemia, and New South Welshmen (or should I say women) preferring to adorn themselves with literature- and vintage-styled jewellery.  Which do you prefer?

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