Monday, 29 February 2016

A Mother's Day Work In Progress

I have been playing around with some Mother/Daughter necklace set ideas this past week in the hope of creating a new range in time for Mother's Day this May.  My original idea was to create necklace pendants inset with a dictionary definition of the names "mother" and "daughter", but found the standard definitions to be a little stiff and unsentimental (although completely correct and to the point).

image mother daughter necklace set someone who loves you unconditionally till her last dying breath a mother's treasure and a gift of love two cheeky monkeys work in progress necklace jewellery

So I looked around and did some research, and found the definitions you see above.  They're a little too sentimental for me, but I think they embody the general feeling of love that many receive or yearn for around Mother's Day.  Teamed with a customer's choice of bead colour, I think this would make a sweet set of necklaces for a loving mother and daughter!  What do you think?  Do you like these definitions?  Or do you think you have some better ones?

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