Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Things I Love - Non-Perishable Bridal Bouquets

Heirloom Bridal Bouquet Using Vintage Brooches image tutorial diy

If there is one thing I wish I could have done differently about my wedding, it would have been including more handmade elements on my "big day".  With both of us busy studying for exams, Mr Cheeky Monkeys applying for jobs and me applying for a PhD position, we were hardpressed for time to plan the wedding itself, let alone sort out a handmade touch to the day.  While we did include several handmade elements in our wedding, I do think there is a certain charm to the many handmade and non-perishable, or "heirloom", bridal bouquets I have been seeing in recent years.

And when I found this simple tutorial on craft tuts+, I knew I had to share it with my readers!  The tutorial really is quite easy to follow, and I think this bouquet would be a great gift to make for anyone who loves vintage things, not just a bride.  If you have made something like this, I would love to know!  And I'd also love to know if you had a traditional floral bouquet (like I did) at your wedding, or did you go for something a little different?

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