Monday, 31 December 2012

Summer Sewing Challenge

image matryoshka babushka doll paper pieced quilt block

This summer I have decided to challenge my, somewhat dubious, sewing skills by attempting to learn two new sewing techniques.  The first, and possibly hardest, technique I want to learn is paper piecing.  Now, until I was given a few cute paper piecing patterns from Bubble Stitch (including the sweetie matryoshka above), I had always thought of paper piecing as a method used only by quilters wanting to make super intricate star or geometric shapes for their quilt blocks.  Of course, I have since discovered that paper piecing can be used to create all sorts of delightful sewn images of objects, including flowers, teacups and animals!

image faux bois fabric black white turquoise sepia

The next technique I am planning to learn is bias tape making.  I have had a handy dandy bias tape maker sitting in my craft area for at least six months now, just waiting for me to build up the courage, and find the time, to try making some of my very own bias tape.  I've finally decided to make my own bias tape because I bought some gorgeous faux bois fabric to make a little fabric envelope/tote for carrying my craft WIPs (see photo below).  And the design of my chosen fabrics is such that I thought a little homemade bias tape would add some character to the envelope!

image fabric envelope stripe

 Don't you think a strip of floral turquoise fabric would beautifully complement the black and white and turquoise faux bois fabrics I've chosen?  So let me ask you, have you got any tips for paper piecing or bias tape making?  And do you have any creative techniques you've been wanting to attempt but just need a little bit of time and courage?

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