Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Afternoon Tea, Anyone?

image felt food toys macarons pink green yellow purple
Strawberry, pistachio, blueberry and lemon macarons!

I had grand plans to work on new additions to my Pride and Prejudice and Glam It Up ranges of jewellery for Two Cheeky Monkeys, but that all changed when my new supplies didn't arrive and my lovely little sister asked me if I would accept a commission to make a few sets of felt food toys.

image felt food toys tea teabags bags
Tea bags all ready to be sewn and stuffed.

She really wanted sets of afternoon tea and dessert-themed food toys to give to some of the little girls she knew and after some discussion we agreed on a set of items which should hopefully please any little girl.  There will be macarons, jam and iced biscuits (or cookies to my north American friends), tea bags (of course) and a range of cupcakes and swiss rolls.

image felt food toys biscuits cookies iced jam
The icing and jam parts are sewn on first by hand before I finish sewing and stuffing the felt biscuits/cookies.

Of course, the two cheeky monkeys have been eyeing the progress of the felt toys with great interest and have commented that, "You haven't made us any felt macarons!  Can we have some please???"  So can you guess what I'll be making after I finish this lot of felt food toys for my sister?

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  1. Yum, very cute, amazing that little ones know about macarons these days isn't it!?


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