Friday, 12 August 2011

Friday Fun - Skirt Tutorials

Hello to all of my faithful readers!  I find myself, yet again, wondering how I'm going to get back into some regular blogging.  I am afraid that the various goings on in my life, some of which are self-inflicted (such as a last minute decision to host a sale on my Two Cheeky Monkeys Facebook page), have left me with little time to come up with witty, educational and all round rivetting posts for you to read.
Anyway, on to the point of today's post, which is to share with you some cute skirt tutorials I recently found.  My two cheeky monkeys are absolutely enamoured with skirt wearing, which is kind of irritating since they own quite a few pairs of pretty shorts and they also steadfastly refuse to sit (or act) in a ladylike fashion.  But I digress...  Having decided that I am fighting a losing battle over the whole skirt wearing issue, I have decided that I would like to try out one (or more) of the following skirt tutorials.  If you have any other links to simple skirt tutorials, please feel free to share them with me!

Heirloom skirt tutorial at dana made it

Super speedy skirt tutorial at luv in the mommy hood

Breezy skirt tutorial at make it and love it

Reversible skirt tutorial at Bored & Crafty

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