Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011!

Happy Chinese new year everyone!
Printable Chinese new year card by leapfrog lane printables

The advantage of being Chinese is that I get to celebrate two new years every year, he he.  This year Chinese new year falls on February 3 (the date is determined by a lunar calendar) and is considered "the year of the rabbit".  Chinese the world over will probably be celebrating with family feasts, loads of firecrackers and red packets (hong bao) of money for the children.  In fact, countries such as China and Singapore, have several days of national holidays to celebrate the new year.  Unfortunately, in Australia Chinese new year barely raises a blip on the radar, with celebrations only being held in individual homes, churches (as my church does every year) and by local councils in areas highly populated by Chinese.  To help you all join in the fun, I have found some fun and beautiful rabbit-themed artworks.  Enjoy!

 Year of the rabbit 2011 by Eden Creative Studio

Rabbit and girl in bunny suit by Little Mo and Friends

Year of the rabbit art print by Nicole Kristiana Studio


  1. Oooh! We love to celebrate Chinese New Year too. I will be putting up my lanterns and serving Singapore Chicken Rice etc etc.... My son and his fiance keep us supplied with red packets (and the rest of the children wait eagerly for them to be filled!).
    Have a lovely time with your family x

  2. I'm not chinese myself at all (although there is a bit of family mystery surrounding my great great great grandfather - but that's another story for another day...)

    but we are planning a big feast tomorrow, with decorations - we thought it would be great fun for the kids! and we might all learn a little bit more about Chinese culture :)

    You enjoy your family celebrations xx


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