Monday, 15 November 2010

Works in Progress: A Collection of Felt Food

Before I started up my own jewellery and art "label" last year, I spent a lot of time sewing felt food toys to entertain the Two Cheeky Monkeys as well as myself.  I do like to sew, although I am not particularly good at it, and my girls were thrilled with their new stash of felt playfood with which to pretend to cook.
When one of my sisters-in-law saw the felt pizza earlier this year, she mentioned how much she liked it, as did my nieces.  I then foolishly volunteered to sew a batch of felt food for said nieces as a Christmas present.  So here I am, almost four months after making my rash promise, slowly sewing away at an eclectic mix of felt food

.As you can see above, I haven't gotten very far with this project.  It is most definitely a work in progress!  I am currently in the middle of making a copy of the pizza which sparked this whole project as well as some jam biscuits.  The pizza would have been completed last weekend, but wouldn't you know it?  My yellow thread has gone missing.  For some reason, it is not in any of my thread boxes or even laying around with my usual spread of jewellery supplies on the dining room table.  It is a complete mystery where my yellow thread has gone, probably the same place into which my kids' socks disappear...

Once I finish off the biscuits and pizza, I will begin work on some iced biscuits, strawberries, fruit slices and lettuce leaves.  I'm not sure how much more I will make after that, I guess it really depends on how much time I have before Christmas!  If you have any suggestions or tutorial links, I would greatly appreciate them. 


  1. and maybe as an out there kinda thing you could make some of Dr Seus' Green Eggs and Ham?

    your felt food looks great!

  2. These are just wonderful. May just have to whip up some felt food for my little one...


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