Monday, 4 October 2010

Five Uses for a Pillow Case

I think you would all know by now just how much I love op shopping (or thrift shopping as many of my readers call it).  So would it surprise you if I told you that I quite frequently make some great finds in the manchester section of op shops?  I didn't think it would, ha ha.
While I don't often buy bed sheets or doona covers, I do often come home with lovely second hand pillow cases for my sewing projects.  Here are just five uses I have found for my gorgeous second hand finds.

1. Pillow cases which are in very good condition can be used as...pillow cases!  Boring, I know, but some of the pillow cases I have found (including lovely handmade patchwork ones) are so beautiful my girls wouldn't let me cut them up for craft.

Photo and pattern by Red Instead

2. Pillow cases in good condition can also be used to make the simple, but cute, pillow case dress.  I haven't actually made one of these cute dresses from a pillow case, mainly because I'm not convinced my girls would actually fit into a pillow case, he he.  I prefer to use regular fabric to ensure I get a good size.  If you're looking for a straightforward pattern, check out this one by Red Instead, I found it pretty easy to follow.

3. I have, however, made simple gathered skirts for my girls out of pillow cases.  They don't generally wear these skirts in public (thank goodness), but they do make for great dress up skirts when they are playing "Princesses" or when friends come to visit.

4. Another practical way of upcycling a pillow case is to turn it into a tote bag.  I made this particular tote after I found that the handles on every single tote I had been given were too short for me to carry them on my shoulder.  This really frustrated me, so I just made one to size from a cute teddy bear pillow case and haven't looked back since!

5. Pillow case finds are also great as fabric sources.  Many of the pillow cases one will see in an op shop will show some wear and tear.  But, there is usually enough useable fabric for me to include pieces in a soft toy or other small sewing projects such as this snazzy cosmetics pouch (I used a pattern by with2ns which can be found here).

I hope you have been inspired to have a second look at old pillow cases for your next sewing project!  If you already use old pillowcases and sheets in your sewing and crafting, feel free to leave a link so all of my readers can be inspired by your work.

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  1. Hi Deb, thought I would pop around to say hi....i think you were one of my first facebook followers, so thank you for that!
    Also I love this post, as a fellow op shop, and pillowcase hoarder!


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