Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Kokeshi Sweetheart - My Current Attempt at Softie Making

I am not sure if I have mentioned that I love to sew, although I am not exactly proficient at this craft.  I love attempting to make clothes for my girls as well as sewing softies (aka plushies) for them and for their cousins.  Each year my church participates in filling shoe boxes with gifts for Operation Christmas Child, and I decided to sew some softies each year for these Christmas boxes.
Now, I know Christmas may seem a long way away, but I like to be organised and, as I said, my sewing skills aren't exactly top notch.  Below are some examples of softies I've sewn for past OCC contributions.

Matryoshka inspired by Vlijtig and adapted from a Craftzine pattern and Monster softie from Revoluzza
This year I am thinking of trying my hand at an embroidered softie.  I'm a bit nervous, since hand sewing is really not my forte, but the pattern I have chosen is sooooo beautiful.  It is a little kokeshi softie designed by the amazing team Melly and Me.

This little kokeshi is just adorable, I'm sure I already have some great fabric in my stash and some matching embroidery threads.  I just hope that my back stitch is neat enough to do justice to this lovely pattern!


  1. oooh, you will do just fine - that is a very very cute softie pattern!

  2. Can't wait to see how she turns out for you! Melly & Me have the cutest softie patterns!

  3. i love that monster! HOW CUTE!

  4. that's a great patter. I did the Operation
    Christmas Child the last two years, I like the idea of putting in a hand made item.

  5. Your previous softies look gorgeous! Love the smiley monster - me thinks you are being too hard on yourself re: sewing skills :)

  6. As someone who NEVER sews, I'm impressed!

  7. Those are awesome! Full of personality...do keep at it and you'll have an amazing collection by Christmas!


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