Thursday, 29 August 2019

Recent commissioned creations

This past month I've had the privilege of creating some special pieces for customers to give to their friends and loved ones.  As you know, I looove hearing the story behind each special commission, and these pieces were no different.

gemstone earrings two cheeky monkeys jewellery silver amethyst turquoise moonstone

The first was a pair of fun gemstone earrings created to celebrate a special lady's milestone birthday and her love for swishy and bright earrings.  Made from lab-created and naturally occuring gemstone beads, I'm loving this design so much I think I might add similar designs to the store.  What do you think?

cuff links suit accessories sherlock holmes moriarty the great gatsby two cheeky monkeys jewellery

The next commission was not a new design, but a large scale commission by a groom who wanted gifts for his groomsmen and loved ones attending his wedding.  Each set of cuff links featured literary characters that fit with the wedding's theme - I can't wait to see the wedding photos!

mother daughter locket necklaces stepmother stepdaughter two cheeky monkeys jewellery

Finally, we come to two locket necklaces that had my heart melting when my customer made her request.  She loved our mother-daughter locket sets, but wanted something that referenced the precious relationship she and her step-daughter have with each other.  Isn't it just so sweet!
What kind of jewellery designs would you commission for the special people in your life?  Something book-related,  or something featuring gemstones or their birthstones?

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