Thursday, 26 April 2018

Soup, glorious soup!

As the cooler weather (gradually) arrives in Melbourne, the Cheeky Monkeys family starts looking to cook more soup recipes to give us warmth and comfort in the colder months.  Today's roundup of recipes is a collection of some of our favourites, ranging from modern cooking through to traditional European and Asian cuisines, there's sure to be something for anyone who loves soup.  Enjoy!

soups recipe ramen garbure green soup chanko nabe beans sweet potato chickpea

1. We have been huge fans of ramen since our trip to Japan three years ago!
2. This sweet potato and chickpea soup should please vegetarians and meat easters alike.
3. Did you say chorizo?
4. Green soups are tasty and packed full of vitamins and minerals.
5. Technically a "stew", this soupy noodle dish is so comforting.
6. This rustic French soup is perfect winter comfort food.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The Princess Bride

As I've mentioned before, the Cheeky Monkeys family are HUGE fans of The Princess Bride; so much so that I began creating Princess Bride-inspired pieces for Two Cheeky Monkeys about two years ago.

image the princess bride cuff links as you wish quote buttercup westley two cheeky monkeys

This past week, I had the privilege of creating a bespoke pair of The Princess Bride cuff links for a customer, made to look like they had come straight out of the book's pages and complete with her favourite quote and characters from this cult hit.

image the princess bride cuff links as you wish quote buttercup westley two cheeky monkeys

And, as popular as our "as you wish/inconceivable" cuff link sets have been, I'm thinking of offering customers a new option of The Princess Bride cuff links similar to this bespoke set.  So what do you think?  Which quotes and/or characters do you love from this classic story?

Thursday, 19 April 2018

DIY Darling Teddy Bears

In keeping with this week's bear theme (and in memory of my youngest Monkey's love of her favourite teddy bear) I've put together a roundup of fun teddy bear DIYs.  Some of these are super simple, while others require a bit more skill, but they are all so delightful!

diy tutorial teddy bear fondant softie plushie cake

1. I cannot get over this AMAZING cake.
2. A teddy bear even those with basic sewing skills can create.
3. Celebrate a little one's birthday with a fondant cake topper!
4. Another simple teddy bear make, created completely from a hand towel.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Silly old bear!

There are two bears I grew up loving in my kiddy literature - Paddington and Winnie the Pooh.  And, of course, that love hasn't lessened as I grew up and now I love introducing these charming bears to a new generation of kids!

domum vindemia image winnie the pooh bunting nursery party supplies birthday decor homewares

I also cannot tell you enough just how pleased I am that so many people agree with me about the charm of Winnie the Pooh and Paddington!!!  I've been struggling to keep up with the demand for our bear buntings, especially the ones featuring Winnie.

domum vindemia image winnie the pooh bunting nursery party supplies birthday decor homewares

So now that the Easter school holidays are over, I've been busy re-stocking Domum Vindemia with Winnie the Pooh buntings.  There are three of them in-store, all created from battered old books salvaged from landfill and one truly vintage, dating back to the mids 1960s!  Which one do you love?

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Charming literary characters

pink charm bracelet anne of green gables two cheeky monkeys

Although the Cheeky Monkeys are currently enjoying their school holidays, I have still been busy working away on new items for Two Cheeky Monkeys!  Like all of my ideas, the idea for this new range has been in my head for a while, just waiting, waiting, waiting for me to act on it.

two cheeky monkeys red pride and prejudice charm bracelet jane austen

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to our new range of literary charm bracelets!  They differ from our previous range of charm bracelets which rocked the minimalist look.  These new bracelets are for those who love their charm bracelets chock full of charms!

two cheeky monkeys blue charm bracelet pride and prejudice jane austen

There are currently two Pride and Prejudice versions and one Anne of Green Gables bracelet, but I will be adding more to the store as time permits.  Which one is your favourite?

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Decorate a boho chic nursery

Although my Cheeky Monkeys are well and truly past babyhood, there have been many Two Cheeky Monkeys' friends and family members who have had beautiful bundles of joy in the last year or two.  And lots of new babies means lots of decorating baby nurseries for their new occupants.

handmade domum vindemia baby mobile nursery upcycled doilies rainbow pastel boho chic style homewares

Of course, my favourite way to decorate is in boho style, with gorgeous doilies, lace dreamcatchers and upcycled charm.  And if you love to decorate in boho chic style too, then you'll love our current range of baby mobiles and miniature dreamcatchers!

image domum vindemia handmade boho chic style doily dreamcatcher homewares lace

Each made from doilies rescued from landfill, our limited edition boho chic range is eco-friendly and delightful all at the same time.  Which is your favourite piece in-store?

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

DIY Dainty Charm Bracelet

While searching for little gifts for my Cheeky Monkeys last month, I happened upon the sweetest little charm bracelet by sundance.  And although I knew the Monkeys would love its daintiness and simplicity, they are still kids and need jewellery that is robust AND easy to put on and remove.

dainty charm bracelet tutorial diy
Sundance inspiration on the left, our version on the right.

So I devised my own design for my Monkeys, one which still looks dainty and delicate, but is amazingly sturdy and easy for them to put on by themselves.  The beauty of this project is that it can be created in any number of colours and with whichever miniature charms you fancy - let me know if you make some for your friends and family!

- 2-3mm hemp cord or waxed linen
- miniature locket or metal charm
- scissors

1. Cut the cord to a length that is 2 1/2 times the final size of your bracelet (e.g. for a 16cm bracelet, cut 40cm of cord).

dainty charm bracelet tutorial diy two cheeky monkeys

2. Thread the charm or locket onto the cord and move it to the middle of the cord.

dainty charm bracelet tutorial diy two cheeky monkeys

3. Form a circle with the cord ends, making sure that the ends overlap with enough extra cord on either side to adjustable sliding knots.

dainty charm bracelet tutorial diy two cheeky monkeys

4. Take one end of cord and wrap it loosely around the main cord three times.  Bring the loose end back to the first coil, then thread the end through all three coils and pull tightly to create a sliding knot.  Repeat with the other end of the cord.

dainty charm bracelet tutorial diy two cheeky monkeys

5. Make a tight knot on one of the free ends of cord, close to the sliding knot, and cut off excess cord.  Repeat with the other sliding knot.

dainty charm bracelet tutorial diy two cheeky monkeys

6. And there you have it, a dainty but strong bracelet that can be adjusted to fit any wrist size!