Thursday, 30 August 2018

How to select the right necklace length

Necklaces are believed to be one of the first types of adornments humans chose to wear and have been worn for a variety of reasons over millenia.  Nowadays they are usually considered a beautiful and fun way to complement an outfit or even to express one's personality.
But with such a large range of necklace lengths to choose from, how do you choose one that will suit your outfit, personal style, body shape and practical needs?

1. Measurements
 how to measure neck circumference for a necklace or shirt

The first and most important step is to measure your neck circumference and length carefully. Neck circumference is the really important one, as you don't want to end up purchasing a necklace that leaves you feeling like you're suffocating.
If you love wearing choker-style necklaces, add approximately 5 cm/2 in to your neck circumference for a comfortable necklace.  For the versatile average length necklace, adding approximately 10 cm/4 in to your neck size to give a good length.
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how to measure neck length

Another neck measurement to consider is your neck length.  While I'm all for wearing pieces you love no matter your size or shape, taking into account which styles look best for your neck shape can take a necklace from simply pretty to beautifully flattering.
Choker and collar style necklaces are more suited to longer, slender necks, while thinner chains and longer necklaces are generally more flattering for wider and shorter necks.
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2. Body size and shape
As with my comments regarding neck length and width, matching necklace lengths to your body and face shape are general recommendations only.  If you can pull off a necklace style that might not normally suit your size or shape, then go ahead and wear it!  And likewise, don't feel you have to follow the latest necklace trends if you know the style is unflattering on you.

shorter necklaces suit shorter people and long necklaces can complement height

Those who are on the shorter side (160 cm/5 ft 4 in or shorter) may find that long and chunky necklaces look overwhelming on their smaller frames, while long necklaces can accentuate and complement the height of those lucky enough to have it (175 cm/5 ft 9 in and taller). 

long and layered necklaces complement smaller busted figures

Necklaces can emphasise your figure in all its glory, so if you don't want to highlight certain areas, then avoid necklaces that will draw attention to them.
For example, long necklaces that fall around the bust area may not hang properly on those with fuller figures.  Instead, choose a necklace that will sit higher up on the neckline, approximately 45-55 cm/18-22 in long.  And conversely, long and layered necklaces will flatter the figure of those with smaller busts and/or slender necks.

3. Clothing
The perfect necklace length to wear will also depend on your outfit for the day.  Shorter necklaces such as chokers go beautifully with open neck clothing, but do not sit well with high necked outfits or turtlenecks.
long necklaces with pendants are flattering for high necked outfits
High neck outfits are beautifully complemented by long chains and opera length necklaces (26-35 in/65-90 cm long), and long strands of pearls or gorgeous glass beads look especially flattering with evening dresses and gowns.
So let me know in the comments below, what is your favourite necklace length to wear?

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams

go confidently in the direction of your dreams quote locket necklace two cheeky monkeys thoreau jewellery inspirational

Today I am continuing the locket theme for the fans of Two Cheeky Monkeys' inspirational quote lockets!  This new addition to our popular range features a quote which is a paraphrase of Henry David Thoreau's writings in his Walden writings.

locket necklace two cheeky monkeys etsy handmade brass filigree

While I know that we can't always achieve our dreams, I think this quote is a beautiful encouragement for someone starting a new, exciting or possibly scary chapter of their lives, such as a graduate or someone making a sea change.  Follow the link above to see our full range of literary and quote lockets, or commission a piece with a special quote just for you!

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Live your life by a compass

I am continually thankful for how much my customers love Two Cheeky Monkeys' bookish locket necklaces.  And this past fortnight I've been blessed to have a fun and inspirational bespoke piece to work on for a customer.

image locket necklace quote live your life by a compass not a clock two cheeky monkeys stephen r covey travel

The request was for a bespoke locket featuring the quote "Live your life by a compass not a clock", an inspirational quote accredited to Stephen R. Covey, the author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  It's always a pleasure to create our jewellery inset with quotes special to our customers - what's your favourite quote?  Comment below!

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

How to operate your pocket watch

You've purchased yourself a book-themed watch necklace or pocket watch necklace from Two Cheeky Monkeys but you've never owned a watch necklace before.  So what now?
I've been wearing and creating watch and pocket watch necklaces for many years now, and it can be easy to forget that not everyone is accustomed to these accessories.

to kill a mockingbird pocketwatch necklace pocket watch two cheeky monkeys

Here are our answers to your frequently asked questions about our popular necklace range to help you wear your new necklace in glamour and style.

1. How do I open my pocket watch?

woodland deer pocketwatch necklace pocket watch two cheeky monkeys how to open a watch

This can easily be done equally while you're wearing your pocket watch necklace or when it's sitting on your bedside table.
Simply push the button at the top of your pocketwatch and the decorative and protective cover should pop open for you to make sure you're on time!

2. How do I set the time on my watch?

jane austen pride and prejudice mr darcy pocketwatch necklace pocket watch two cheeky monkeys set time on a watch

For both watch and pocketwatch necklaces, the time is set with the little knob at the top or side of your watch.
Gently pull on the knob until you hear a click, then turn it clockwise until you have the time you want.
Push the knob back into the watch, and when it clicks in place, you should have the time set.

3. How do I replace my watch's battery?

how to change pocketwatch battery pocket watch

This is best done by professionals at a jewellery store, watch maker's store or battery supplier, such as Mister Minit. 
But if you have a watch opening tool or thin pen-knife, you can prise off the watch backing and replace the battery yourself, making sure that you have double checked the battery type you need.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

5 clever ideas for a book-themed wedding

There is no denying that the skill of reading is a precious one which brings not just entertainment into our lives, but also knowledge, safety and the ability to function on a day to day basis.

So what better way to celebrate your love of reading or your profession as an English or Literature teacher than to incorporate it as a theme at your wedding!

love notes typewriter guest book table

Many handmade and commercial businesses are now supplying brides and grooms with unique items for a book-themed wedding, and there are many ideas on the internet for simple DIY ideas your loved ones could help you to create.

Here are 5 clever ideas to inspire you to include much-loved books on your wedding day.

1. The Cake
This is often a big deal for weddings, which brides and grooms research and order up to a year in advance to ensure they have their ideal cake and cake baker.

I love this non-traditional offering by cakelava - a cake that looks like a stack of vintage books!  Obviously there are plenty of design options for this theme, so have fun working on a design and style that will fit your budget and wedding ambience.

book cake theme jane austen wedding the princess bride

2. Bouquets and boutonnieres
As beautiful as real flower bouquets and boutonnieres are on your actual wedding day, they don't last long after your big day and are hard to preserve as a wedding keepsake.

So why not opt for a book page bouquet for the women in the bridal party and book page boutonnieres for the gents!  Not only will you be free of the hassle of putting the flowers in water in between photos, your entire bridal party will have something special to remember your day.

And take the whole book bouquet one step further with a bouquet pin featuring your favourite literary character!  Even better if the bouquet pin character matches the book pages used for the bouquet.

book page bouquet boutonniere brooch bouquet pin handmade

3. Centrepiece
Beautiful table centrepieces can be a great ice breaker for guests who may not know each other to ooh and ahh over, especially if it's a clever book-themed one!

There are so many different ways you can use books as a centrepiece, from simply a vintage look display stand for your floral centrepiece through to a clever way of displaying the table number at your wedding reception.

vintage book table number centrepiece display wedding

4. Bonbonniere/Party favours
Now it wouldn't be a book-themed wedding without some bookish party favours, or bonbonnieres, for your treasured guests.

There are so many fun ideas you could use for literary party favours, like fridge magnets taken from a page of your guest's favourite book, or surprise them with a brown paper package tied up in string and hiding the latest books from the New York Times bestseller list!

book themed bonbonniere party favours magnets book gift

5. Backdrop/Wedding arch
For those of you wanting to make a statement as you say your vows, nothing says "wow factor" like a gorgeous wedding arch or backdrop.

You could go as simple as attaching book pages to the wall behind where you'll be standing, or go all out with a stunning bookshelf-inspired arch like the one pictured.

wedding arch bookshelf bookcase

So do you love the idea of a book-themed wedding?  Comment below!  And if you're looking for more bookish inspiration for your big day, have a look at our book themed wedding inspiration board over on Pinterest.

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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

8 Ways To Thank Your Bridal Party

Bridal parties, that group of friends or family who know you best.  They have celebrated your triumphs in life, mourned with you in your sorrows and supported you through the cold feet/bridezilla/wedding planning ups and downs and will be standing by you on your big day.  So how do you thank them, even in a small way, for their unconditional love and support?  Here are five ideas to get you started.

For the ladies
Most girls love bling of some style, even if they're not self-confessed "girly girls", and a jewellery piece chosen specifically for each bridesmaid is a thoughtful gift idea.  Think about what each lady loves - does she love to rock a boho look, is she a fan of vintage-styled pieces, or does she prefer whatever modern style is currently on trend?  Or gift her with a piece that features her favourite literary fiction and personalise further with her initials or birthstone.

necklaces jewellery jewelry two cheeky monkeys bridal party gift ideas

Bridesmaid dresses can put a large dent into a lady's budget, even if they're being hired or are dresses that can be worn again for another occasion.  So you might like to consider paying for your girlfriends' dresses or hiring gowns for your big day instead of committing to purchasing them.

bridesmaid dress hire wedding ideas

Purses are another thing that most girls love, and a clutch bag for a night out on the town is a fun way to thank your bridesmaids.  You could organise purses that match their bridesmaid gowns so that they can easily carry their makeup and bridal party necessities on your special day.  Or, gift them a special purse that suits their style and fill it with their favourite chocolate or jewellery!

literary book purses clutch gift bookish

Living in a country like Australia where UV levels are high and can be very harsh on skin, a pamper pack of skincare products is always appreciated by the discerning woman.  Make sure to take into account your bridesmaids' individual scent preferences and the particular skin type of each lady to ensure that her pack suits her perfectly.

skincare pamper pack bridal party gift thanks ideas
For the gentlemen
What could be more dashingly elegant than a man in a smart suit, French cuff shirt and unique cuff links!  Spoil your groomsmen (and please their significant others) with a gift of special cuff links they can wear on your wedding day and keep wearing to work or other special occasions too.

vintage inspired cuff links bridal party gift ideas two cheeky monkeys hercule poirot the princess bride

As with the ladies of your bridal party, suit hire or purchase is not a cheap endeavour for the gentlemen of your party.  So, consider the option of hiring suits for your groomsmen, or ordering off the rack suits they can re-wear for work or functions they attend.
groomsmen suit hire tuxedo

Some ladies may love their man's beard, but others, like me, are all for clean shaven men!  Whatever your groosmen's facial hair choices, gifting them with a high quality shaving or beard care kit is a great way to pamper men who don't traditionally take care of themselves in such ways (unless they're hipsters!)

grooming kit for men shaving beard

With the rise in popularity of craft and artisanal beers, you can get your groomsmen started on their beer brewing journey with a craft brewing kit.  And maybe you can enjoy their efforts when you get back from your honeymoon!

craft brew beer kit brewing diy

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Secret Subscriber Sale

Two Cheeky Monkeys and Domum Vindemia fans, today is a quick post to tease you with our secret subscriber sale!  Until Sunday 5th of August, I am offering all subscribers to our newsletter a super 25% off orders of USD$50 or more.

sale in-store

Want to be let in on our secret sale details and stock up on gifts for your loved ones and yourself?  If you're already a subscriber, simply check your inbox for our fornightly newsletter for full details.  And if you're not already subscribed, then HEAD HERE to sign up for our news and special events updates and look out for our email in your inbox!
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